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  Clearly Unique Window Solutions


If your space requires a hint of privacy, films can be used to create partially frosted glass walls. This approach is perfect for small-to-medium sized conference rooms, brainstorming spaces, or small office areas. 

Frosted glass can be colored or uncolored, with varying degrees of opacity. Placed strategically, they can block the view from specific angles, which can prevent outside viewers from seeing in at eye level, or from above or below the placement of the film. Utilizing partially frosted glass film offers the suggestion of privacy without sacrificing transparency, and openness in an office space. 


Fully frosted glass film is ideal for offices or conferencerooms that require more privacy. It can be used to section off spaces within an office in an effort to decrease distractions. Most importantly, frosted film does not eliminate light transmission entirely, instead, offering discretion without the loss of natural light.

Like others, frosted films can have varying degrees of opacity. They can also be created with inspiring designs, themes, and custom images to diversify and brand your space. 


Sometimes, a client may not be interested in glass film forits function at all, but rather for its aesthetic value. Glassfilms come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, making them ideal for creating vibrant conference rooms, and inspiring office spaces. 

Glass films have grown in popularity, just as glass architecture has become more prominent in both commercial and residential settings. Using digital printing technology, these films can be designed to meet the aesthetic specifications of any client to add color, flair, or branding to a space. 


Opaque films are ideal for conference rooms and office spaces that require the utmost privacy. Much like frosted film, textured and opaque films can visually blur and distort objects, allowing for private meetings and limited distractions from the outside.

Opaque glass walls are also a solution if you wish to not eliminate light transmission completely. Although it’s difficult to see through them, they still allow a percentage of natural and artificial light through. Opaque films can also be created with full color images on both sides, which can provide equal aesthetic value inside and outside of the space.


Businesses need not only a strong and memorable name and logo, but a developed visual brand identity which resonates with the target demographic of their clients. Custom decorative window film installations are an excellent way to harness the power of a building’s interior surfaces to enhance a brand’s visibility, and add to the brand experience for customers. Custom films can be designed to fit any space and can be applied to windows, walls, doors, and many other flat or curved surfaces. These films can be printed in virtually unlimited sizes with photography, typography, and other graphic elements. Custom branded glass finishes are not only great for corporate office spaces, but they also provide branding opportunities for retail environments as well.

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