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Window Tinting Services

Reduce Fading of Furniture & Interiors with Llumar Window Tinting

Llumar Window Tinting Significantly Reduces Fading

  • Up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light
  • Up to 78% of the suns heat during summer months
  • Up to 35% of the heat loss that occurs during winter months.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting helps Michigan businesses from Grand Rapids to Muskegon and across the state improve tenant comfort, reduce sun damage, improve cooling efficiency, increase safety and security and make a statement.

Options include sun control window tinting and decorative, security and safety window films.

Commercial sun control window tinting not only makes tenants more comfortable but protects the interior facility and equipment from sun damage while improving safety and saving money. The window tinting lets the good light in while blocking damaging UV rays and reducing hot spots and excess heat. Flooring and furniture fading is significantly reduced and computers and equipment are protected. Tenants are protected from harmful UV rays and are able to view computer screens easily without glare. Energy efficiency is increased and lighting and air conditioning needs are greatly reduced. Estimated air conditioning is reduced by up to 1 ton of air conditioning per 100 sq ft of glass.

Security grade window film can provide added protection by deterring theft through windows and glass doors and providing additional safety by preventing flying glass in the event of storm damage.

Decorative window film is highly customizable, far less expensive than etched glass and can be updated for new tenants without replacing expensive glass.

Residential Window Tinting

Residential sun control window tinting helps you keep your home cooler in the summer by using less or no air conditioning and maintain even temperatures throughout your home. Protect your hardwood floors, furniture and yourself from harmful sun damage. Don’t sit in the dark. Let the light in and enjoy the beautiful view of the outdoors while still being able to view television and computer screens comfortably.

You can also get safety window films, with or without tinting. They are an excellent crime prevention tool by preventing easy entry through windows and glass doors. They also increase safety in the event they are broken during an accident or storm by holding the glass together and preventing flying glass shards.

Decorative window films can also be used on doors, mirrors, cupboards and windows. They provide privacy and create an artistic display. Far less expensive than etched glass and easy to update or modify these window films are excellent for shower doors, bathroom windows and glass cabinet doors.

Government Window Tinting

Window tinting on Michigan government buildings provides an array of benefits including:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Window tinting reduces the energy use in MI government buildings by reducing up to 60% of the heat entering through windows. This reduces hot spots and creates more temperature uniformity throughout the building as well as keeping the people and equipment in the building a more comfortable temperature. This is all done while decreasing the need for air conditioning therefore significantly reducing excess energy usage. Solar window tinting reduces the use of air conditioning by an estimated 1 ton per 100 sq ft of window space.

Employee Comfort

Solar window tinting on Michigan government buildings also reduces the intensity of the light entering the work spaces by 70%. This protects employees from damaging UV rays, prevents flooring and furniture fading and eliminates glare on computer screens.

Improved Security

Government buildings are a target for theft. Security window films improve the security by eliminating easy entry through windows and glass doors. The multiple layers of tear resistant window film are extremely strong and hold broken glass together preventing quick breaking and entering.

Increased Safety

The safety of government employees and property are a growing concern. Bomb blasts and sever weather can send dangerous glass shards flying through the air. Safety window films use specialized thick adhesive to hold glass together protecting people in the vicinity from being hurt.

Quick Restoration After Graffiti

Window tinting films can be removed and replaced far easier than expensive glass, making restorations due to graffiti far easier and more cost effective.

More Privacy

Decorative window films mimic the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost, creating a beautiful display while offering privacy without blocking natural light. The films can also be easily updated or replaced without needing to remove or replace the glass.

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