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Decorative Window Films

Apply Llumar, or Solyx Decorative Window Films to glass to create beautiful privacy screens, partitions and architectural statements at a fraction of the cost of etched glass. Decorative films also block up to 99% of the UV light to reduce fading and protect valuable interiors. Best of all, when styles change you can update the look without replacing the window.

Read on to Discover & Compare the Benefits of Decorative Window Films

Frost Decorative Films

  • Partially or fully conceal without blocking light
  • Beautifully complement architectural styles from historic to contemporary
  • Create private, intimate spaces that still feel open and sunlit.
  • Exterior windows and interior partitions.
  • Varied levels of privacy and light diffusion, plus a selection of effects from dusted to etched to silvery.

Gradient Decorative Films

  • A practical pairing of minimal patterns and gradual transitions
  • These multi-tasking films allow you to emphasize what’s attractive and disguise what’s not.
  • Adjustable control features make it possible to maintain a professional look, no matter how messy the work at hand.
  • Variety of geometric and organic patterns
  • Orient gradient opacity at the top, bottom or side of your glass surface, depending on your desired effect.

Pattern Decorative Films

  • Designed to bring both originality and privacy to commercial spaces.
  • Create varying moods and coverage levels by skillfully shifting just three elements: matte areas, translucent areas, and surface finish.
  • A true complement to creativity, with a range of patterns is versatile enough to harmonize with spaces from quirky to corporate, cheerful to thoughtful, and spacious to intimate.
  • Design element that adds personality and style.

Custom Decorative Films

  • Create one-of-a-kind graphics with custom imaging and cutting services.
  • Have a vision or logo? We can make it happen on film, just send us an email to get started.

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