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Make Window Tinting a Priority this Spring

Window Tinting Muskegon MISpring is a favorite time of the year for many Michigan residents. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is often shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers and trees are in bloom. What many people do not realize during the spring, and even in the fall and winter, is that UVA and UVB rays shining brightly into your home are doing damage. Most people associate maximum damage from ultraviolet rays with summer, which is true. However, harm can be done any time the sun is shining. Now is the perfect time to look into window tinting. Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Holland Michigan residents can rest assured that their homes, furniture, draperies, carpets and skin will be well protected by high quality 3M window tinting from West Michigan Glass Coatings.

Muskegon homeowners and those in the surrounding west Michigan area often do renovations in the spring–usually the best time of year. If you are considering some upgrades to your home, why not put window tinting at the top of your list. Whether you are considering new windows to replace those old and worn out, or are just looking to increase sun protection, decrease heating and cooling bills, and add more security so people cannot see, the best and most cost-effective way is with window tinting. Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Holland residents who have utilized 3M window tinting in the past have found it highly desirable and much more affordable than other window improvement options.

As you contemplate the best ways to improve your Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland or Muskegon home, window tinting might very well be the best investment you can make right now. With an impeccable 3M product, you can protect your home without shutting out all that beautiful daylight that would otherwise be blocked with shades or blackout curtains. Contact one of our West Michigan Glass Coatings 3M window tinting specialists today for a consultation to discuss how window tinting can best benefit you and your home without breaking the bank.

Call 800.638.8468 to learn about what window tinting can do for you for your Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Holland or Kalamazoo home or business.