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Most people don’t think much about improvements to the exterior of their home or to the windows during the winter. However, now is the perfect time to consider simple and affordable window updates that will help keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer by reflecting radiant heat and making your windows more energy efficient. Adding window tinting film to your Grand Rapids area home or business is a quick and inexpensive option that is sustainable, energy efficient, and helps protect you and your interior from UV damage.


West Michigan Glass Coatings located in Grand Rapids MI, services the entire west Michigan region including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Holland, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon. We use the highest quality 3M window tint, safety and decorative films to make your windows more energy efficient, as well as adding safety features and design and ambiance to your home or office depending on your goals.


Winter Benefits of Getting Window Tinting Film:


Many of the benefits of window tinting in the summer are well known but did you know that adding window tint film to your Michigan home or business can actually pay off year round? Here are a few winter benefits to window tinting film.


• As anybody who lives in the area knows, winters can be downright cold, and summers get hot. For people who live in this area, Grand Rapids window tinting will actually help reduce your energy bill year round and as a bonus you may qualify for an energy tax credit, as well.


• Grand Rapids window tinting will reduce Ultra Violet rays from penetrating into your home or office – even on cloudy days. This, in turn, will reduce the fading of furniture and carpeting anywhere from two to five times more than what you are experiencing now.


• 3M window films are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Protection from UV rays, which can often be overlooked on cold winter days lowers your risk of premature aging and cancer causing skin damage.


• You can add a security component to your window film so that it not only prevents radiant heat and UV rays from transferring but also is incredibly strong and difficult to break. This is critical in the event of a storm when broken glass shards can be extremely dangerous and also significantly deters breaking and entering.



For those of us living and working in Western Michigan, 3M Low E Films are and excellent example of an effective window tinting. Not only do these films give us magnificent benefits during the summer, they are also designed to decrease heat loss through the windows during the cold winter months. This patented technology is a huge benefit in both residential and commercial spaces, because it reduces the chilly spots that are normally felt near windows and glass doors. Its design also includes a metal coating that reflects most of the heat in the room back into the interior instead of it drafting out through the windows. This helps provide more comfort within the room, while simultaneously reducing the costs of fuel from having to turn the thermostat up to make up for what is escaping through the windows.


Although it may seem odd to think about these types of improvements during this time of year, now is the perfect time to call West Michigan Glass Coatings, and determine the best window tint option for your home or business. You are sure to get a prompt consultation and, and early birds often take advantage of off season discounts that make this affordable product an even better value. Contact West Michigan Glass Coatings today for your Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Lansing or Grand Rapids window tinting consultation today.