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School safety and security is more important than ever.    Unfortunately, in the last several years, schools have had to find ways to prevent intruders, criminals, and even shooters from entering the campus to inflict horrible damage. Windows are one of the most vulnerable areas. 3M window security films provided by West Michigan Glass Coatings are a cost effective tool for dramatically slowing the entry into the building.

According to a recent study published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Agency, the number of mass shootings now occurring per year averages sixteen, whereas previously the average was five. Of these horrendous shootings, 29% happen in schools with the handgun as the weapon of choice about 59% of the time. The average time it takes law enforcement officers to respond is about three minutes. Additional studies have shown that with the use of window security film in Grand Rapids, MI and other west Michigan area schools can slow entry time by up to two minutes. (The study took place with the use of a rifle to force the way in.) It is important to know that a majority of these intruders use hand guns, taking them even longer to get in and giving law enforcement valuable time to reach a school under attack.


Thieves and vandals tend to target school buildings in the evenings and over holidays and vacation break when the building is empty. Many thieves and vandals attempting entry during winter, spring, or summer break will realize that the slow conspicuous process of breaking through glass with window security film is too risky. This helps to protect the valuable resources of the school and dramatically reduce the risk of theft and vandalism inside the building.


While West Michigan window security film will not stop determined intruders, it will definitely slow them down and likely draw attention to themselves as they battle to break the glass. Now is the time to make important decisions about protecting your school and its students and staff from potential harm by increasing security measures in a responsible and affordable manner. The use of Grand Rapids window security film is an excellent way to deter criminals and give law enforcement those critical extra minutes to respond. Contact us today for a consultation and demonstration of how Grand Rapids window security film can serve your community.