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Most businesses take security, environmental impact and client privacy extremely seriously. In the past it was very costly to ensure that all of these goals are met with efficiency. It is now possible to address many of these concerns with one simple product. West Michigan Glass Coatings of Grand Rapids, MI provides 3M window tint and decorative films to businesses in the greater west Michigan area including Holland, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Muskegon that help to reduce business utilities, protect equipment and people and improve aesthetics. If you’re a skeptic keep reading to discover how window films can benefit your company.


Benefits of West Michigan Glass Coatings, Grand Rapids, MI, Window Tint Films:


In Michigan, we all know that winters get cold and summers get hot. Keeping heat in the building in the winter, and keep cool air in the building in the summer is extremely important to keep utility costs down. One way to help you do this for your commercial business or property is with 3M Low E Window Films. Window tint with Low E has a metal coating that reflects the room temperature back into the room, and decreases the temperature exchange that often happens with untreated windows.


Businesses spend thousands of dollars on office equipment, supplies, and many other things. Many business owners and managers do not realize it at first, but eventually they are told that some piece of equipment is damaged due to excessive sun or heat exposure from being too close to a window. Grand Rapids, MI, window tint can help keep these harmful rays and the excess heat out, so that the equipment inside the office stays in the best condition possible and isn’t damaged by the days we have beautiful rays.


There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk or cube, and literally being blinded by the light. However, since gorgeous and sunny days are sometimes hard to come by, the last thing we want to do is close blinds or shades. A much better option for keeping that horrible glare out of your eyes and off your screens, while still being able to enjoy the natural sunlight flowing in, is 3M window tinting.


Regardless of your reasons for wanting to keep the damaging rays out, curious eyes from accessing too much information, or glass at it’s optimal strength, West Michigan Glass Coatings can provide a consultation and services for Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Lansing, Grand Haven and Grand Rapids, MI, window tint, security and decorative films.