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Preserve Your View – Save Your Skin

When you think about protecting yourself from skin cancer, you likely think about sunscreen and sun hats; but you should consider Grand Rapids window tinting solutions from West Michigan Glass Coatings as well.

While most of us know that soaking up the rays outside might damage skin, those dangerous ultraviolet A (UVA) rays can also harm your skin when you’re indoors. There are two types of a radiation from the sun that harm the skin and could cause skin cancer: ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA).

If you are the type of person who loves sitting in the sunshine by a window, soaking in the warmth like a cat, you’ll be happy to learn that most of the UVB rays are blocked by the glass panes of your window. However, plain glass will only block roughly 50 percent of these dangerous UVA rays. This means that as careful as you are outdoors, if you’re in your home (or your vehicle!) and in direct sunlight, you are exposing your skin to 50 percent of UVA rays.

How real is this risk? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, exposure to UV radiation is linked to 85 to 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers.

While hearing this might make you want to cover your windows with heavy blinds, shades or curtains, consider the wonderful paradox that bright sunshine elevates the mood. And isn’t it nice to look at the view outside?!

Here’s the good news: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends not only using sunscreen and covering up from the sun to block harmful rays, but also using window films. Not just any window films. You want to find those that have the Seal of Recommendation so you know they truly offer adequate protection. (We are one of the select authorized Grand Rapids window tinting dealers of 3M Window Films and are on their list!).

When you have Grand Rapids window tinting solutions from West Michigan Glass Coatings installed, you can enjoy that warm glow of a sunny day knowing that 99.9 percent of all the dangerous UVB and UVA rays are blocked.

That’s not all! Not only can you enjoy the view from your home, but there are many benefits to having window tinting installed. Our residential and commercial window films are available in styles that offer more privacy, enhanced security, and even decorative elements – all without obscuring your visibility from indoors.

Forget the curtains! We have a more attractive option: protect yourself and those you love from harmful UV radiation with affordable and quickly-installed Grand Rapids window tinting solutions. Contact our team at West Michigan Glass Coatings for information on our window film products and service that is backed by our ISO 9002 quality certification.

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Window Tinting Grand Rapids Renovation Ideas

We’ll let you in on a secret: Use our window tinting from Grand Rapids, MI business for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to facelift your home from top to bottom, inside and out.

It’s true! Window tinting for Grand Rapids, MI residential or commercial property owners is the easiest way to maximize the renovation budget for your living or work space. It’s so popular, in fact, that window tinting is the latest trend in upgrading residential and commercial buildings.

West Michigan Glass Coatings is one of the select authorized 3M Window Film dealers in Michigan so you can rest assured that our professional installation team will expertly transform the glass in your home.

We install the latest in window tinting technology by 3M Window Films and the possibilities are limited only by your creativity. You can add decorative window film to the glass doors in the shower, privacy window film on the bathroom windows, or window tinting in the sunroom or office so you can work on the computer without glare.

Outdated drapery or blinds? Get rid of the window coverings and open up the view with tinted window films that offer privacy (you can see outside, but no one can see inside!).

Additionally, window tinting offers Grand Rapids MI and area residents and business owners the opportunity to really add some drama to entryways and interiors with countless decorative possibilities. It’s possible to enhance glass with film elements that look etched or frosted at a fraction of the cost of installing new windows.

The quality of 3M Window Films, with its well-earned reputation for its durable and long-lasting adhesive and film technologies, is strengthened by the ISO 9002 quality certification of the window tinting installation by our Grand Rapids, MI company.

Aside from all the aesthetic advantages, there are many other benefits of window tinting. It’s stylish and saves you on energy costs, damage from UV rays, and can even improve security.

Talk to us today if you are considering renovations for your home or office. For more than 20 years, we’ve served residential, commercial, and government clients with expert window tinting in Grand Rapids, MI as well as the Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Holland, and area.

Contact us at West Michigan Glass Coatings to discuss our services and available product lines.

Commercial Window Tinting & Window Films

Grand Rapids Decorative Window Tint & Coatings

Commercial Window Tinting & Window FilmsWhat’s the latest trend in upgrading your commercial or residential space quickly and at a fraction of the cost in Grand Rapids, MI? The answer: decorative window tints.


You can achieve the same look as printed or decorative glass at a fraction of the cost, plus take advantage of the many benefits of window tinting with West Michigan Glass Coatings. We’ve offered professional installation of these versatile and innovative window films for clients in and around Kalamazoo, Muskegon, and Holland, MI for many years.


Here are five reasons we think Grand Rapids, MI decorative window tinting is a trend that will become a long-lasting classic upgrade:


  • Designer look without designer price points. Decorative window tints can transform the look of exterior and interior glass in your home or business.
  • Speed. Time is money and professional installation of window tints and films takes significantly less than installing custom glass. If you read our client testimonials on our website home page, you’ll see that we strive to be on time, efficient, and professional. Great service is doing a job well and meeting deadlines.
  • Improve safety and security without bars. There are window films designed to not only look good, but to protect your real estate with enhanced security.
  • Versatile options for maximum creativity in Grand Rapids, MI. Decorative window tints and films are available in a myriad of styles that look like frosted or beveled glass–and more. Window films can be layered, gradient, or printed with color or black and white custom designs. Our handy 3M window film simulator lets you consider how various options can change the look of your windows.
  • Long-lasting. Our professionally installed 3M window films are an innovative product that is designed to last for years. Results vary depending on where the film is applied, the kind of film applied, and the orientation of the glass. Other factors, like climate, will also have an impact on longevity. That said, most applications of window tints and films last long after the length of the product warranty.


Inspired to consider a fresh, new look for the glass in your home or business? Contact  West Michigan Glass Coatings to explore design options for Grand Rapids, MI decorative window tints. We offer superior service, competitive pricing, and professional installation of 3M security window films and tinting in surrounding communities including Kalamazoo, Muskegon, and Holland, MI.


Grand Rapids window film - security

Security Window Films & Tinting FAQ

Grand Rapids window film - securityIf you want to improve safety, you don’t require thicker glass or unsightly bars. Security window films are effective – and even attractive.


At West Michigan Glass Coatings, we offer professional installation of the innovative 3M security window films, proudly serving residential and commercial clients in the Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo area.


You’ve heard the catchphrase “small but mighty”, these 3M security window films are thin but incredibly strong. Not only do they offer superior safety protection, but security window films are very reasonably priced and quickly installed by our certified professional installers.


While building owners and facility managers might not be able to prevent unexpected safety challenges, installing these incredible protective security window films is one way to mitigate damage and distress.


Architects and designers are quick to recognize the benefits of a safety precaution such as security window film, which improves the durability of the glass without compromising aesthetics. In fact, we’ve had so many questions about window films and tinting that we’ve created this handy architect’s corner with information and resources to answer the most frequently asked questions.


Installing high quality security window films guards against potential damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes or windstorms as well as from deliberate acts of vandalism or violence such as gunshots or explosions. The adhesive properties of security window films prevent glass from shattering into razor-sharp shards that cause injury or even death.


Not only do 3M security window films reduce the likelihood of falling or airborne glass, but they also make it much more time-consuming and difficult — if not impossible — for thieves to gain access to property by smashing windows. It is better than an alarm that is activated if anyone breaks into your property, while it discourages thieves by making it very hard to break glass (one of the most popular ways to gain entry). No matter when disaster strikes, your windows will have enhanced protection.


Depending on the security window films you select, it is possible to create one-way privacy glass, opaque, or even decorative windows. Safety, security, and privacy have never looked so good! Check out WMGC’s window film simulator to see what the various types of safety and security window films look like when installed.


Contact  West Michigan Glass Coatings to enhance the safety of your Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, or Holland, Michigan property with security window films. We offer superior service, competitive pricing, and professional installation of 3M security window films and tinting.


Grand Rapids Windo Tinting

Window Tinting to Increase Home Value

Grand Rapids Windo TintingWindow tinting, for Grand Rapids homeowners, is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to increase the value of their home.


Whether you’re looking to enhance the value of your residence before you list to sell, or if you would like to enjoy the benefits of upgrades for some time, West Michigan Glass Coatings can quickly improve the look and cost savings of any home or business.


Here are some of the benefits you achieve with window tinting by Grand Rapids’ best 3M Glass Films installers:


  • Reduced cooling costs in the summer – window tinting cuts the heat by filtering the light and dangerous UV Rays (much more attractively and effectively than tin foil!)


  • Even interior temperatures – because window tinting films stop hot spots from direct sunlight pouring in through windows, you will notice more even temperatures throughout your home.


  • Improved views of the outdoors – rather than covering windows with heavy curtains or blinds to reduce direct sunlight, you can choose window films that allow you to still see outdoors.


  • Greater privacy – you can choose window tinting, Grand Rapids folks, that looks and functions like expensive privacy glass panes — allowing you to look out but stopping anyone from seeing inside.


  • Improved safety – window films not only protect you from having your home interior cased by thieves, but this amazing new technology also helps prevent windows from shattering in the event of an earthquake or other disaster (and you can even choose window films designed to prevent break-ins).


  • A more modern approach to windows – the versatility of decorative privacy window tinting allows for a much more modern look in your interior because window treatments can be optional and no longer need to actually block windows.


Professionals must install 3M window film, which comes with a comprehensive warranty. Time to install varies depending on which window tint films are chosen and the size and shape of the area.


Looking for a quick and economical home upgrade? For Grand Rapids homeowners window tinting is a solution that will add value to your home and improve your experience at home. Contact the professionals at West Michigan Glass Coatings for installation in West Michigan communities including Holland, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo.




Grand Rapids Windo Tinting

Protecting Your Home Window Tinting & Window Security Films

Safety Window Film Grand Rapids MI

Your home is likely one of the single largest investments in your life, but home insurance or home security systems are not the only way to protect it and all its contents. Grand Rapids window tinting will safeguard your home and valuables.

How does something as simple as Grand Rapids window tinting make a difference?

High-quality 3M Glass Films are more than just decorative. Think of them as sunglasses for your house: they can be very decorative and flattering, but they also protect the interior from long-term damage.

Here are our top three reasons to have West Michigan Glass Coatings add window tinting to your home in Muskegon, your business in Kalamazoo, or your office space in Holland:

Sunlight fades. It’s a fact. Over time, unfiltered sunlight will fade everything from furniture and wood flooring to drapes and artwork. The high-tech 3M Glass Films reduce the UV rays significantly, preventing the damage and drying that would otherwise be caused by long-term exposure to intense sunlight.

Grand Rapids window tinting offers privacy. Just as poker players might choose to wear sunglasses to hide their facial expressions from competitors, you can opt to shield your home or business from unwanted scrutiny. Whether you just want to eliminate lookie-loos or you want to discourage thieves, window films are a quick way to make any space more private.

Security film is a deterrent. Windows do not have to be an easy access point for intruders. 3M Glass Films are available in security film styles that make it much more difficult for someone to break through a glass window. In addition, in the event of a storm, earthquake, or other disaster, window security films offer protection from flying debris or shattered glass.

Grand Rapids window tinting experts, like the very skilled professionals at West Michigan Glass Coatings, will enhance the appearance of your windows. You can trust our team to do a first-class job. Contact us for more information about installation of 3M Glass Films in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamzoo, Holland, and other places in Northern Michigan.

Safety Window Film Grand Rapids MI

Safety Security Window Film for Schools

Safety Window Film Grand Rapids MI

Safety and schools, two topics that have become parallel with one another.   Educational institutions serious about improving security for their school communities can look to West Michigan Glass Coatings  as a trust-worthy company with experience and expertise in installing safety window films to schools in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas.


Hundreds of American schools have incorporated 3M safety films to improve the security of windows and doors. West Michigan Glass Coatings is ready to help those in Holland, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo explore this cost-effective option to offer enhanced protection for students and staff.


Schools across the country are making changes to keep students safe following such tragedies as the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado and Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Among the types of security upgrades available are better security cameras inside and outside of schools, systems to lock all main doors, and more secure entranceways.


The safety window film Grand Rapids MI’s West Michigan Glass Coatings offers allows schools to prepare for the worst-case scenarios without making windows and doors look foreboding.


The brilliance of safety and security film is that it can impede a dangerous offender or vandal without looking ugly and scary to young students. While these window films cannot prevent breakage, they do make it that much more difficult to break through glass, thus preventing a quick break in and entry. Slowing down the entrance of an intruder may also make it easier to identify or capture an image of the perpetrator on security cameras.


There are different types of safety window films available, each of which offers different benefits and varying levels of protection. Applying safety film to glass can make it tear- resistant and shatterproof, or even bond the filmed window to the frame. When used in the proper combination, it is possible to strengthen glass against even a bomb blast.


While safety and security film may not stop intruders from eventually gaining access to a school, it will impede their attempt to gain entry. The latest research into violent crimes shows that often, if violent intruders are delayed even briefly, they will move on. Since the FBI recently reported that nearly 70% of shootings in the last 13 years ended within five minutes – and 60% before law enforcement officers arrived – every second of delay counts.


Safety window film is a good solution for west Michigan schools because it is:


  • Much less expensive than replacing all glass windows and glass in doors with protective glass
  • Very easy for glass professionals to apply, even over glazed glass
  • Attractive, not unsightly, and can even offer protection from UV rays


Is your Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, or Holland school looking for security upgrades that are affordable and can be put in place quickly? Contact the highly-skilled team at West Michigan Glass Coatings to find out more about protective safety window films available for the Grand Rapids MI area.






Window Tinting & Skin Cancer Prevention

window-tint-Grand-Rapids-MIThere are many reasons to get your windows tinted. As the leading window tinting professionals in Grand Rapids Michigan, we see many people invest in professional window coatings in order to improve the appearance of their home, increase security, and save money on utility bills. You likely know that window tinting can protect your home and your wallet, but did you know that it can protect your health as well?

Preventing Skin Cancer Indoors and Out

Everyone is aware of the connection between harmful UV rays and the occurrence of skin cancer. Most people take proper precautions when outdoors by applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing. These are important steps to take to deter UV damage and skin cancer. It is also important to take action to prevent skin cancer inside your home as well. West Michigan Glass Coatings in Grand Rapids, MI, can help.

The Risks

Between 85 and 90 percent of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers are caused by exposure to UV rays. UV exposure can happen both indoors and out. Have you ever examined the effects of the sun’s powerful rays inside your home? If you look carefully, you will notice how the UV rays that travel through your home’s windows are strong enough to fade your furniture, carpets, and curtains. Your windows simply are not designed to safeguard the interior of your home from the sun’s harmful rays. If you fell you are not safe from UV rays indoors in Grand Rapids, MI, having your windows tinted can help protect your family and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Protect Yourself

The Skin Cancer Foundation is a national organization dedicated to reducing the occurrence of skin cancer throughout the United States. The Foundation has awarded its Seal of Recommendation to a few elite window tinting brands. One of these leading brands is 3M. This company’s window films can protect your home and family from the dangerous UV rays that penetrate windows. 3M products can block as much as 99 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, providing much-needed protection for your family and furnishings. West Michigan Glass Coatings in Grand Rapids, MI has tinted windows for customers throughout Holland, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo counties. The professionals at West Michigan Glass Coatings can provide you with information on the risks of UV rays inside your home and will make affordable recommendations to help keep your family safe.

Commercial Window Tinting & Window Films

Keep Your Customers Cool This Summer

What can commercial window tinting from Grand Rapid’s, West Michigan Glass Coatings, do for your business? We can make you cool this summer.

By cool we mean low temperatures for comfort, although depending on the window tint film you choose, we could improve your office or store aesthetically too!

As an Authorized 3M Window Film dealer, our commercial window tinting Grand Rapids, MI team can make a huge difference in your office. Here’s what having us install 3M Commercial Window Films can accomplish for your workplace anywhere from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo to Muskegon and Holland:

  • Let the natural light in, but keep the costly sweltering and harmful UV rays out.
  • Minimize solar hot spots, increasing comfort for those who need to sit in or near them.
  • By reducing the heat, you can save energy costs for air conditioning significantly (stats show up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of window glass exposed to the sun).
  • Reduce glare on computer screens, much nicer for staff (no doubt better for their eyes as well as less aggravating!).
  • Protect your equipment, furnishings, and artwork from sun damage and fading since it blocks 99% of the sun’s UV light.
  • If you choose the safety film with tinted sun control, it offers crime prevention, making it harder for smash-and-grab thieving, while it offers protection from a bomb blast or weather disasters by holding glass in (not to mention easily managing graffiti).
  • Hide from prying eyes – you can select a practically undetectable window tint to encourage onlookers or select a more opaque tint that improves privacy.  If you would like to make more of an artistic statement you can use decorative window film to completely transform the appearance of the interior and/or exterior of your business.

If you would like to increase tenant comfort by letting the good light in while keeping costly and dangerous UV rays out, you need 3M commercial window tinting from West Michigan Glass Coatings in Grand Rapids MI.

Contact the highly skilled team at West Michigan Glass Coatings to find out how a quick and efficient installation of 3M Glass Films can provide you with a great return on investment.

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“Green” Grand Rapids Window Tint

Go Green with Window Tint from West Michigan Glass Coatings in Grand Rapids MI

window tint Grand Rapids MI company

West Michigan Glass Coatings installs the window tint Grand Rapids needs, not just because it looks great, but also because it is ecofriendly and helps keep energy costs low.

We sell and install specialized window films for residential and commercial buildings made by 3M Window Films, which has itself been recognized as a green sustainable company. Our team is excited to bring green living and cost savings to homes and businesses in Southwest Michigan from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids.

Why is it good to go green with West Michigan Glass Coatings? As a 3M Authorized Window Film dealer, here are four reasons why we are proud to sell and install this environmentally friendly option:

Retain heat in winter, deflect it in summer. It may seem simple, but having 3M Window Films installed helps to maintain internal temperatures, which in turn reduces the cost of heating and cooling. Loss of heat through windows and doors in the winter and the entry of the heat of the sun baking your house in the summer tops our list. Window tint in the Grand Rapids area will reduce heat loss in the cold season by reflecting up to 35 percent of heat back into the room. In summer, 3M Window Films will reduce up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reject up to 79 percent of the solar heat.

You need more than caulking and weather stripping for energy efficiency. These upgrades will help conserve heat or air conditioning depending on the season. However, glass is not impermeable. From the very first day you have 3M Window Film installed, you will notice a difference, especially in the heat of a Michigan summer.

Sure you could use tinfoil in summer, shrink wrap in winter, and heavy curtains. But none of these options will block the ultraviolet rays and infrared light as well as the window films designed and manufactured by the sustainable 3M Window Film company. We’d argue that none of these look as nice as the selection of window tints available to Grand Rapids from West Michigan Glass Coatings. Plus, you get all the benefits of energy efficiency without sacrificing natural light.

You can target the windows that need tinting for maximum effect. Windows that face east and west are usually those that need cover from the summer heat–dawn to dusk. When we professionally install 3M Window Films, the finish is flawless. There are options, as well, for decorative finishes and reflective alternatives that allow for privacy inside.

Are you ready to go green with window tint in Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan? Contact us at West Michigan Glass Coatings to find out how our fast and efficient installation of 3M Glass Films can provide comfort and energy savings that are good for your bank account and the environment.



Window Treatments vs. Window Replacements







Most everyone knows the exact meaning of the term replacement window; however, the same cannot always be said for the phrase “window treatments.” Grand Rapids, MI homeowners have a new and exciting option when it comes to window treatments to improve quality and functionality. For most people, the term brings to mind thick or full blackout curtains, both vertical and horizontal blinds, and even valances and half shades. As a rule, they don’t think about 3M windowing tinting as a viable Grand Rapids, MI window treatment option.


There has been considerable change and improvement in the world of window treatments. Grand Rapids, MI homeowners, as well as those residing in the surrounding areas of Holland, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo, can rest easy knowing that 3M window tinting is a more viable and affordable option than having all windows replaced. Window tinting treatments from 3M also offer many benefits that window replacements may not (unless you are willing to pay much more to have them added).


For instance, window treatments with 3M tinting offer excellent UVA/UVB protection, keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in winter, and offer added home privacy without blocking out the amazing sunlight during the day and the moonlight at night. Other options for window treatments include blackout curtains and shades that offer privacy and protection from damaging rays; however, they block all light from coming in making a home feel dark and gloomy. Furthermore, these ancient window treatments do nothing to help heating and cooling efficiency and the actual workability of the window.


With improved 3M tinting window treatments, Grand Rapids, MI residents can enjoy all the many benefits of brand new windows at a huge fraction of the price. The installation is quick and easy versus days or weeks for completion. Unless your windows are old and dated, window tinting treatments by 3M may be all you really need. Contact us today to determine if window tinting treatment is right for your west Michigan home or business. We serve Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo and the Grand Rapids area.