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1. Change your furnace filters

This may seem like a no brainer, but it can sometimes go forgotten.  Changing your furnace filters at least once a month will allow for better airflow and reduced energy demand, which should result in lower energy bills!  Buy Furnace Filters Here (Amazon Link)



2. Turn Down Your Water Heater Setting

Generally,  water heaters are set to a 140 degree Fahrenheit temperature.  Research shows that turn the tank temperature down about 20 degrees will save you up to 10 percent on your water heating bill.  Not only will you save some money, but your scalp will thank you too!  Showering with cooler water over hot can help you head to lock in more moisture.  Who knows, maybe turning down the water tank will allow you to can skip buying Head and Shoulders this winter too!


3. Add a Low-E Window Film

Traditionally, window films have been used to keep the sun’s damaging rays out.  That’s not longer their only use.  3M has developed a new Thinsulate window film that not only rejects heat in the summer, but it also INSULATES your home during the winter.  If you feel like your loosing heat from your windows consider adding this film, it’s a fraction of the cost compared to replacing your windows.


4. Use Natural Sunlight

One of the biggest ways to cut down on your energy bill is right in front of your eyes, the sun.  Open your blinds/curtains every morning until dusk to allow as much natural sunlight to enter and heat your home for free. The sunnier the day, the bigger the cost savings benefits!


5. Heat with Your Oven

The weather is getting colder which means grills are getting put away and the ovens are being pre-heated.  One way to save on costs is to use the heat from the oven to warm your house.  This is only encouraged AFTER cooking has been done and the oven is turned OFF! The concept is this, the oven is hot and you have already paid for the gas to light it, why let all that heat go to waste? So, after you’ve cooked up a nice meal, let that oven door hang open for a few minutes and you may give your thermostat a nice needed break.